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Sala Bar Catering

Salad Bar

  • Fresh ingredients, with a changing theme every single week, in a DIY format. 

  • Includes classics like Fancy Caesar & seasonal highlights like the Summer Stone Fruit Salad.

  • Satisfy every single person, even vegans and vegetarians.

  • Customize to your office needs.

Deli Bar Catering

Sandwich Bar

  • Satisfies everyone, even vegetarians with 2Forks’ quinoa patty meat substitute.
  • Select bread variety from Panorama Bakery (sliced, rolls, focaccia, wraps, gluten free).
  • Range of premium add-ons: premium meats & cheeses, avocado, bacon.
  • Exclusive sandwich spreads made by 2Forks.
  • Complete the meal with a side salad or chips.

Grain Bowl Bar

  • Hearty, fresh, seasonal, lunch option that is an exciting way for your team to eat healthy.
  • We offer a variety of made in-house dressings and seasonal ingredients which can meet dietary restrictions, and fits in the office budget.
Paleo Catering

Modern Paleo Menu

  • Clean meals made with responsibly sourced ingredients and thoughtful preparation.
  • Nutritionally dense meals designed to keep you full.
  • 100% nutritionist-validated paleo recipes.
General Catering

Hot Catering Menu

  • Traditional hot catering menu with modern ingredients and unique flavor profiles.
  • Choose from a variety of proteins, grains, vegetables, sauces, & toppings.
Custom Catering

Custom Menu

  • Design the optimal menu for your team.


Prepackaged Meal Catering

Individually Boxed

Family style catering

Family Style